Issue #30-31, 2008
Walter Benjamin:
On Language As Such And On The Language Of Man

Walter Benjamin:
On Paintings, Signs And Marks

Walter Benjamin:
Little History Of Photography

Walter Benjamin:
The Author As Producer

Adrian T. Sîrbu:
As a Post-Scriptum

Lisa Torell:
World In Translation: Three Double Exposed Frames

Simon Starling:
Archaeopteryx Lithographica

Jelena Vesic:
Covered By The Lens: Politics Of The Gaze In A Video By Lisa Torell

Ciprian Mureșan:
The Events Of The Week At The B5 Studio

Art As Methodology:
Interview with H.Arta Group realised by Raluca Voinea

Mihaela Varzari:
The Compromise Of A European Integration: Points Of View

Daria Ghiu:
The Map Conflict

Anna Lénárd:
Network Story (Genre: Google Search)

Collective Work As Effort:
Interview with WHW realised by Ana Janevski

Sebastian Cichocki:
Museum As A Side Effect, Or, Warsaw’s Problems With Memory

Vlad Morariu:
Autonomous Areas For Art: The Neuer Berliner Kunstverein Model

Edit András, Hedvig Turai:
Manifestations Of The Post-Political

Interview with Francesco Silvino realised by Daria Ghiu

Anthony Gardner:
2008 Biennale Of Sydney: Catholic Tastes And Tail-Chasing

D Media:
Commonplaces Of Transition: Conceived And Directed By Joanne Richardson

(presences of art)

Boris Buden:
Re-Reading Benjamin’s “Author As Producer” In The Post-Communist East

Bogdan Ghiu:
Relinked Excerpts From The Essay (My) Artist Self

Claude Karnoouh:
The End Of The Avant-Gardes And The Triumph Of The Market: Aesthetic Values And Social Values In Late Modern Times1

Vlad Morariu:
For An Alienating Art

Remo Guidieri:
On Contemporary Art: An Updated Discussion

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jean-Luc Nancy:
Political Panic

Gérard Granel:
Who Comes After The Subject?

G. M. Tamás:
Telling The Truth About Class