Issue #46, 2014
For A Local Institutional Critique

Ileana Pintilie:
In Search Of A Common Identity: Zona Festival – Eastern Europe

Matei Bejenaru:
Periferic – A New Retrospective

Ileana Selejan:
Kinema Ikon – A Permanent Experiment

Attila Kispál:
Magma – Contemporary Medium: From Concept To Cleaning

Alexandra Pirici:

Ovidiu Țichindeleanu in Conversation with Klaus Schafler :
Saving The World... From A Gesamtkunstwerk: The Art Of Staging Situations Of Real Transformations

Iulia Popovici:
Social Hate, Anger, And The Gratifying Theatre

Walter D. Mignolo in Conversation with Jeannette Ehlers:
Global South, Colonial Wounds And Decolonial Healings

Vlad Basalici:
Towards The Future, From The Past

Daria Ghiu:
25 Years ×25 Minutes ×25 Contributions: On The Future Past

Diana Marincu:
Visible Walls And Invisible Walls: On Art, Education And Potentiality

The Recipe Notebook

Experiences Of Local Activism – Cluj

Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with Dénes Miklósi:
People’s School Of Contemporary Art

Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with Alex Boguș:
Tinerii Mînioși [Angry Youth]

Adrian T. Sîrbu in Conversation with Simona Unumeda:
Acasă [ A T Home]

Adrian T. Sîrbu in Conversation with Lala Panait and Silviu Medeșan:
La Terenuri – Common Space Mănăștur

(A. P.):
Topics Of Struggle

G. M. Tamás:
Une Promesse De Bonheur: Philosophy As The Antecedent Of The Nether World Of Communism

Ovidiu Gherasim-Proca:
The Apotheosis Of Lacking Alternatives: How Civism Has Become Irrelevant For The Cause Of Social Progress

Ágnes Gagyi:
The Position Of Critical Theory In Eastern Europe

Alex. Cistelecan:
Parallel Lives: Party Left, Principled Left And The Absent Society