Issue #18, 2004

Nevin Aladag: Türk.kurd.deutsch

NEVIN ALADAG 1972 born in Van/Turkey; 1993–1999 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich; 1998 co-founder of the project “Café Helga”; 1999 co-founder of the project “Galerie Goldankauf”; 2000 Diploma.

Group shows: 2004 Galerie K & S, Berlin; Rote Zelle, Munich; Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe; Berlin MurMur, Metz. 2003 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Proje4L, Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul; waiting room, Amsterdam; Blut und Honig, Sammlung Essl, Vienna; Mursollaici, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris. 2002 Proje4L, Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul; Fluxus und die Folgen, Wiesbaden; count down, Kunstverein, Munich; German Leitkultur, Museum Fridericianum, Kassel. 2000 Café Helga & Galerie Goldankauf, Kunstraum, Munich; Liste, FriArt, Basel; FriArt Centre d´Art Contemporain, Fribourg; Schöpfung, Freising; Galerie Goldankauf, Munich. 1998 Atelier d´Artistes, Marseille; Personne sait plus, Villa Arson, Nizza.

Türk. kurd. deutsch., as seen here in the picture, are the Braille words for Turkish, Kurdish, and German, in their respective language. They refer to the triple heritage of the artist and are virtually interchangeable.

500 such “identities” were produced for the Idea arts + society and inserted randomly. Each copy therefore contains only one identity.


The transfers are mirrored images, and must be applied with the sticky side down. They should be placed at belly height on a white t-shirt (see illustration).

Iron the transfer onto the t-shirt for about 2–3 minutes. Press hard to ensure that it sticks well. Let the transfer cool off, then pull off the loose parts. The remaining “flock material” forms the Braille writing. You may determine the language by comparing it to the illustration.