Issue #21, 2005

Péter Szabó

Péter Szabó (1978) born in Tîrgu-Mureș, Romania, lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Studies: 1996–2001 University of Fine and Aplicative Arts, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2003 DLA, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest.

In 1997 he founded Vizeg Group. Between 2000 and 2002 he was taking part in runing Protokoll Studio. In 2001 he co-founded the experimental music group Alergische Platze. From 2003 as music performer he is working under the name Ovekk_Finn (together with Csaba Csiki).

Exhibitions: 2005 Essl Award, Museum of Applied Arts Budapest; Voyage-Voyage, Atelier169, Cluj; Gallery by Night, Studio Gallery, Budapest. 2004 The Violence of the Image, the Images of Violence, Biennial of Young Artists, 1st edition, Bucharest; Against Space, Dinamo Gallery, Budapest. 2003 Gravitation – Moszkva Square, Ludwig Museum, Budapest; Comparative, Bercsényi Gallery, Budapest. 2001 Before/After, Protokoll Studio, Cluj. 2002 Color Local, Castle Gallery, Tîrgu-Mureș; Positionen: In focus Romania, Public Art Transeuropa, Quartier21/MuseumsQuartier, Vienna; Track, New Gallery, Bucharest. 2001 Curriculum Vitae, Tranzit House, Cluj-Napoca; TAB, Sindan Cultural Center, Tranzit House, AtașGallery, Cluj.

Sound Works: 2005 Simultan-video/sound performance, Timișoara, Ultrahang Festival, Budapest; AVmotional 02 Festival, Cluj; Minimum Festival, Budapest. 2004 live presentation with Susan Taylor, Barcsay Room, Budapest. 2003 Last Days Festival, Budapest Gringo, Mediawave Filmfestival, Cluj. 2002 Q9, Castle Gallery, Tîrgu-Mureș; Evawave, Mediawave Filmfestival, Cluj; 3000 Seconds audiovisual show, Tranzit House, Cluj. 2001 AASP (Assemblage of Alergische-Stuff-Protokoll), Mise Jacso, Protokoll Studio, Cluj; Outrageous Celibatar Tranzit House, Cluj; Alergische Platze debut concert, Protokoll Studio, Cluj.