Issue #22, 2005

Fabrication Defect
Ciprian Mureșan

Ciprian Mureșan is an artist, editor at IDEA arts + society and Version magazine.

Alexandra takes the model of IQ tests but inserts a small “fabrication flaw”, a slight geometric difference between image and frame, between the exactness of blueprint and the object it is applied on. In the end it is a minute discrepancy in the mutual copy between image and reality – or the overlapping between appearances and their model, if you prefer. The solution she “gives” (proposes as inevitable) is to polish the forms. One has several possibilities: the pattern-image has to be minutely reworked, the pattern-reality needs adjustment or both have to be polished until they fit together. Until both and the relation between them will escape patterns.

Alexandra Croitoru’s work uses an interface that reminds of the local mythology clichés wherein, willingly or not, the person uses the “file” as a privileged instrument in the production of “goods” and advantages more than symbolical, like a custom so to speak that involves more than the surface of things and more than the strings of interpersonal social relations.

Just like in the familiar reality that is tackled here, Alexandra Croitoru’s work is not as easy as it might seem at a first glance. “Romania” needs more than a simple polishing or file away. The intervention has to go deeper. We are not even sure whether the frame wherein its iconic model has to fit is the right one or it also needs modification. This incertitude, this confusion, effectively represented through the destabilization of the pattern-image relation, truly reflects the situation of today Romania. Obviously, the map mustn’t be interpreted in the strict geographic sense: the work seems to reflect Alexandra’s view of the so-called transition. The artist provides a nail file in order to perform the action she challenges us to do and ironically underlines the level of seriousness, the cosmetic shallowness of the approach in such circumstances, shallowness deeply rooted in the Romanian mentality.

Translated by Izabella Badiu