Issue #22, 2005

Alexandra Croitoru

Alexandra Croitoru born in 1975, lives and works in Bucharest, RO.

Studies: 1993–1998 University of Arts, Bucharest. Since 2000 Assistant Professor at the Photo-Video Department, University of Arts, Bucharest. Since 2004 member in the Board of Galeria Nouă, Bucharest.

Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2005 “ROM_”, Galeria Veza/Month of Photography, Bratislava; “Documenting their Dream”, Galeria Nouă, Bucharest. 2004 “POWERPLAY”, H'art Gallery, Bucharest. 2001 “Untitled 1”, International Center for Contemporary Art, Bucharest.

Selected Group Exhibitions: 2005 “Untouchable Things”/BACKLIGHT, Tampere; “Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation”, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv; “No significant incidents to report”, Galeria Nouă, Bucharest; “At the Border”, La nuit des musées/MNAC, Bucharest. 2004 “formate/moving patterns – Bukarest ca. 2004”, KUNSTHALLE wien project space, Vienna; “happy_to_be_there”, Basement Gallery, Monat der Photographie, Vienna; “Romanian artists (and not only) love Ceaușescu's Palace?!”, MNAC, Bucharest; “RE: LOCATION/Shake the Limits”, Kalinderu MediaLab/MNAC, Bucharest. 2003 “We Are the Weather”, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia; “București- București via Beograd”, Remont Gallery, Belgrade; “Preview”, Kalinderu MediaLab/MNAC, Bucharest; “Casual Photography”, Design Forum Galleria, Helsinki. 2002 “here, now”, Galeria Nouă, Bucharest; “Casual Photography”, Protokoll Studio. Cluj; “Number One”, Galeria Nouă, Bucharest. 2001 “Photo Documents”, Galeria Nouă, Bucharest; “Woman’s Room – Woman’s View”, Matica Hrvatska Gallery, Zagreb. 2000 “IN FULL DRESS”, Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu.