Issue #23, 2006

How Did You Decide to Become an Artist?

In October 2005 we discussed with students from the Art Faculty (Alexandra Andriescu, Mădălina Băncilă, Lavinia German, Alexandru Grigoraș, Ioan Ene, Andreea Năsoi, Oana Nicuță, Eugen Pop, Bianca Simionescu, Adrian Stoleriu, Mihaela Știrbu, Oana Toderică, Bogdan Vatavu) about the artistic education system, about the way society relates to art and artists, about what our parents have told us about art, about what teachers and professors have told us, about the stereo­types associated with art, about how to foresee our future as artists. The text that has resulted from these discussions, “How Did You Decide to Become an Artist? A Story with Seven Episodes” is part of our contribution to the Biennial Periferic 7, section Social Processes, curated by Marius Babias and Angelika Nollert.

The group H.arta has been founded in 2001 by Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant and Rodica Tache. It appeared as a reaction to the traditionalist system in contemporary Romanian art. So far, the group has been active on two dimensions: on the one hand, it has organized exhibitions, meetings, discussions, workshops that took place in the H.arta Gallery, designed as a space independent from the official art system, also in 2001, in Timișoara, and on the other hand it has initiated a series of proj­ects outside the gallery, for which in most of the cases the three artists ask for the collaboration of other artists or students. often located at the border between artistic and curatorial, H.arta projects promote dialogue, participation and critical attitude, bringing mediation of art to the foreground, as an important form of cul­tural production.

Some of the H.arta projects are What Would You Do in My Place in Vienna? (MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, 2003), Brend (H.arta Gallery, Timișoara, 2004), Painting our Way through Culture (Prague Biennial 2, 2005), How Did You Decide to Become an Artist? (Iaspis, Stockholm, 2005).