Issue #27, 2007

Preliminary Report

Dear Editorial Staff,

My name is Südfeld Simon Miksa. I was born an I live in Budapest, Hungary.

First of all, let me tell that we greatly appreciate your efforts to present and monitor the situation in Romania, your unconditioned attachment to the concrete. You are an important presence in the Romanian scene, alien, indeed, it seems to me, to any institutionalized transcendence, as well as to any trans-substantial committee. As a result, we’d like to let you know about a document we have recently received.

Honestly, due to the sensible content of the material, I didn’t know exactly what to do. I consulted several persons – interested (and co-interested). And finally, I considered that only your judgment, alien to any kind of aestheticism and immune to the interested fiction of the ideological neutrality may give a welcomed helping hand in digging and going all the way to the foundation of the all too sacred halls of the Romanian people founding myths.

While part of the Romanian organizations in the field have been shaken by intrigues generated by the Bucegi Mountains researches, their reaction being paralyzed for the moment, we thought it would be in our common interest to send you this document to be immediately publish (if you would be so kind). My colleagues found this document in our mailbox and we considered it had to be made public, as intended by the authors of the present report. According to our colleague V. Rudan and the Terra Institute researchers, by the instrumentality of the Army, we hope to get a map of Romania able to highlight these unusual mountain areas.


With respect and consideration,

Südfeld Simon Miksa



The Society for Paraspeological Investigations, Abyssal Phenomena and Underground Worlds