Issue #20, 2005

Vakulovski’s breaking heart
Alexandru Vakulovski

Alexandru Vakulovski (born 1978, USSR) is one of the most prominent young writers in Romania. He is the founding editor of the web magazine TIUK!, and the author of the volumes: Pizdeț, Oedip the king of Freud’s mother, The Rapture, Letopizdeț.



I am romanian. with one little note. I am bessarabian. many

times I’m asked: are you romanian or bessarabian. first

time I laugh, the second time I laugh, then it starts to bug me.


I am romanian, fuck it, something like that.


I live in Romania. every year I have to go to the

police to get a visa on my temporary residence permit.

they kick my head and tell me every

time: foreigner, foreigner, foreigner, foreigner, bleah. and I

started to feel like a foreigner.


my brother has Romanian citizenship. He got it when he was

30. at 30 he became Romanian. I still have to

grow up. to deserve to be what I am. now i just

call mihai my brother from over the Prut.


my girlfriend is romanian, in fact I should write

romanian-romanian, or at least romanian-algerian, she will

wear a part of the medalion, I will wear another one. And we will make

the unification. Again and again.


I am a sort of romanian, fuck it. that’s it.

Translated by Cosmin Costinaș