Issue #36-37, 2011

Time Waster
Tom Chamberlain


Though painstakingly executed and quite mechanically hand made, my paintings and drawings sometimes pertain to anarchy. They are simultaneously constructed and obstructed through the accumulation of a repeated mark or gesture, often threatening a condition of erasure through addition, or concealment as display. In order to take something back, one has to keep talking.

Time waster is the mechanical offered back to the hands to reconfigure or fragment or shred, the pull-out becoming the fall apart. It proposes a grid as a kind of crossing out and an invitation to its own undoing. In A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey, Robert Smithson gives the example of a child’s sandpit divided in half with black sand on one side and white on the other, and has a child run hundreds of times clockwise in the sand until it turns grey. He then has the child run anti clockwise, but the result, of course, is a greater degree of greyness. 


Tom Chamberlain (Born 1973) Studied At The Royal College Of Art. Recent Exhibitions Include MonanismAt The Museum Of Old And New Art, Hobart, Invisible Citiesat The Jerwood Space, London, Drawings A–ZAt Museu Da Cidade, Lisbon, And Solo Shows At Aurel Scheibler, Berlin, And Mihai Nicodim, Los Angeles. Some Other Time,A Solo Show At Scheiblermitte, Berlin, Opens Later This Year. He Lives And Works In London.