Issue #36-37, 2011
gallery 2

Blue Sky 2010
Eduard Constantin

Blue Sky 2010 is the name of a Israeli-Romanian military exercise, which took place in Bucegi Mountains in July 2010 and was ended by the accident of a CH-53 heli­copter, with all the seven militaries on board (six Israeli and one Romanian) having lost their lives. The accident occasioned the revealing of these two countries’ agree­ments regarding Israel’s secret military training on the territory of Romania. Departing from this event, I tried to show a partial trajectory, albeit with concrete data, from the recent military history of the State of Israel, with a special focus on the evolution of the helicopter type as the one crashed in Romania. The project is part of a series of investigations in which I follow political relations in a larger historical context, often starting from specific situations, events or places.

Eduard Constantin is an artist, living and working in Bucharest. Recent exhibitions in which he participated include: Beneath the Remains, Arttransponder Berlin, 2009, How many workers does it take to fill up the Grand Canyon (duo with Ciprian Mureşan), b5 studio, Târgu-Mureş, 2009, German Angst, n.b.k. Berlin, 2008.