Issue #39, 2011

One Way
Răzvan Botiș

The insert section of the current issue transforms the magazine in a raffle, from all the inserted tickets only one is a winner. The artist offers a free train ride, one way, to Novosibirsk. The possibility of the voyage, one way to Siberia, is left open: one can travel to Novosibirsk or if not, they may keep the ticket as a work of art. The artist changes perception upon a certain negative event in a historic context, he transforms deportation into holiday, a rather ironic situation when, moreover, the trip is gained by chance. (Ciprian Mureșan)

Răzvan Botiș was born in Brașov, Romania in 1984. He lives and works in Cluj.

Botiș’s recent exhibitions include Diamonds for Everybody, Andreiana Mihail Gallery, Bucharest (2011); Here and Then, Club Electroputere, Craiova, Romania (2011); Wallpaperism, Motel Campo, Geneva, Switzerland (2011); Trying to Purchase What I Once Wanted to Forget, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, Austria (2011).