Issue #41, 2012

Collector From Space
Mihuț Boșcu

Mihuț Boșcu belongs to a generation of artists whose works attract, ever since the beginning of their artistic „career“, the spontaneous interest of foreign collectors in Romanian contemporary art.

The current work seems to be one of the first reactions to the phenomenon, coming from an artist of the generation; though it is unclear whether it occurs purely as a result of the artists’ paranoia or it acts as an assumed rational criticism, though the two hypotheses do not exclude each other.

What the work presents is a short allegory specifically illustrating the encounter between the artist and the collector. The artist, left alone to find his ways into the society, carrying his secret, though consistent urges, easily falls into temptation, by adopting and interiorizing, as an artist, a behavior seemingly inspired by the servers’ dictum: our client – our master, pursued to all its consequences.

Boșcu is part of the game which he himself denounces with sarcasm, unveiling the obscure intentions of the collector towards the artist, while disclosing the adventures of the story itself. The collector literally plays a game of consumption. But there’s something more, stronger, more cynical and more desperate at the same time, than just telling a story about the „alien“ – initially outside of the artist – artistic product equation and apparently part of the public. Compared to the general public though, the „alien“ holds privileged rights of the work, after transaction (talking here, of course, about the controversial property right). (Ciprian Mureșan)

Mihuț Boșcu (born 1986) studied at University of Art and Design, Cluj. He lives and works in Cluj.
Recent exhibitions: La Trienalle, Intense proximité (2012), Palais de Tokyo, Paris; European Travellers, Art from Cluj Today (2012), Mûcsarnok, Budapest; A Prologue to Vanity and Self-adoration (2011), Sabot Gallery, Cluj (solo); How is Made (2010), Laika artspace, Cluj (solo).