Issue #42, 2012

Pattern For A Sphere
Miklos Onucsan

- Take a clementine* and peel it so as not to lose any piece of the peel surface while keeping the surface continuous.

- By repeating the action, the forms obtained will be different and just as many sphere patterns.

- In order to keep them, the peels are pressed and dried.


* It also works with an orange, mandarin or grapefruit.

Miklos Onucsan, 2012



MIKLOS ONUCSAN, b. November 26, 1952, Gherla, Romania.

Studies: Ion Andreescu Institute of Fine Arts, Cluj, Romania.

Solo shows:2011 Unfinished Measurements, Plan B Gallery, Berlin; 2010 Markings of the Working Area, Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles; 2009 What I Have to Do Tomorrow,
I Should Have Done Yesterday,
Plan B Gallery, Berlin; 2006 Protected – 25%, Atelier HAG Gallery, Bucharest; Undagted, Plan B Gallery, Cluj.

Group shows (selection): 2012 Intense Proximity – La Triennale 2012, Palais de Tokyo, Paris; The June Salon, Plan B Gallery, Cluj; Its Moving from I to It, Contemporary Art Gallery of the Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu; Utopraxia, Art Foundation TAF, Athenes; 2011 Anthem for Peoples’ Love, Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles; Barricade of Dreams, Trafó Gallery, Budapest; Romanian Cultural Resolution – Documentary, The New Gallery of Romanian Institute for Culture and Humanistic Research, 54th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia; Image to Be Projected Until It Vanishes, Museion, Bolzano; Entrepot – Curated by_Rene Block, Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna; Experiment and Community – Atelier 35 Oradea, MODEM Debrecen; I Am a Romanian: The Bucharest – Tel Aviv Route, Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva; 2010 When History Comes Knoking, Plan B, Berlin Gallery; Romanian Cultural Resolution, Spinnerei, Leipzig; Starter, Arter, Istanbul; Berlin Show #2, Plan B, Berlin Gallery; A Harmonious Mix of Objects,
Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles; 2009 I Watered a Horshoe As If It Were a țower, Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles;Invisible Body, Conspicuous Mind, Luckman Gallery, Los Angeles; 2008 The Artist and His Supporters, V edition, “Romanian Art Today: History Frees Its Demons“, Espace Tajan, Paris;Berlin Show #1, Plan B Gallery, Berlin; A Rictus Grin, Broadway 1602 Gallery, New York; 2006 Willa Warszawa Festival, Warsaw; “To Allen Ginsberg“, Czesław Miłosz, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv; 2004 Transilvania Express, Swap Gallery, Lyon;
2003 Preview, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest; Nuit blanche de la video, Strasbourg; 2002 Festival – Rendez vous roumain, Espace En Cours, Paris; 2000 Donau Welten, Regensburg; Maxima lux, 2 Meta Foundation, Bucharest; 1999 Ars Varadini, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest; 48th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, The Gallery of Romanian Institute for Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice; 1998 Salina ‘98: Arts As Resource, Salt Mines, Turda; 1997 Civitas artis – Civitas solis, Cîlnic Fortress; Noi și ei, Mi és ôk, Wir und Sie, Casa Tranzit, Cluj; 1996 Érték – Papír, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest; International Artists Books Exhibition, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest; Romanian Avantgarde ‘96, UAP Gallery, Bacău; Experiment in Romanian Art After 1960, Artexpo, Bucharest; 1995 Europ’Art, Geneva; Segment 3, UAP Gallery, Oradea; 1994 Orient Occident, Art Museum, Timișoara; Toamna orădeană, UAP Gallery, Oradea; 1993 Object-Books, National Széchényi Library, Budapest; The Danube, The Salamon Tower, Visegrád; cARTe, De ZONNEHOF Cultural Center, Amersfoort; Segment 2, UAP Gallery, Oradea; 1992 Segment, Vác; Saga, Grand Palais, Paris; Medium: Paper. International Paper Art Exhibition, Budapest;
Art As Activist – Revolutionary Posters from Central and Eastern Europe, Smithsonian Institute, New York; 1991 Art Actual Romanes, Miró Foundation, Barcelona; 1990 Várakozás
és kitörés,
Szombathely; 1989 Exhibition of Graphic Art, Ville de Menton; 1988 Romanian Graphic Art, Moscow; Expoziția Tineretului, Baia Mare; Atelier 35 Oradea, Căminul Artei, Hanul cu Tei and Orizont Gallery, Bucharest; 1986 International Graphic Arts Biennial, Krakow; Mobilul – Fotografia, Atelier 35, Oradea; Expresia corpului uman, Atelier 35, Oradea; Tabăra de creație și critică de artă, Muzeul Farmaciei, Sibiu; Artiști plastici bihoreni, Sala Dalles, Bucharest; 1984 Mobilul – Fotografia, Cenaclul Tineretului, Oradea; Expoziția Tineretului, Alba Iulia; 1981 Dialog, Cenaclul Tineretului, Oradea; Medium 1, Sfîntu Gheorghe; 1980 Quadrennial of Decorative Arts, Bucharest; 1978 International Quadrennial
of Socialist States,