Issue #42, 2012

Stefano Calligaro

At this precise moment I'm listening to Lift Your Skinny Fists Like

Antennas to Heavenby Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

One of the albums I like most.

Somehow it blows everything up every time I hear it.

Each song is like a word underlined thousand times, till the paper is

ploughed in all directions by the top of the pen.




The point of my marker moves endlessly.

Echoing time and space.

From left to right and left again and right again till everything is

reduced to a line,

to a place to hold onto.


Between two pages

(Stefano Calligaro)

Stefano Calligaro is an artist whose work embraces various medias.

Recent solo showsinclude: 2011 For Not Turning All My Nothing into Something, Sabot Gallery, Cluj;2010 Plants, Rocks and a Fish Inhabited Pond, Wcw Gallery, Hamburg;Two Ways to Look At, Secondroom, Antwerp; 2009 țat Folding, White Heat, Stuttgart; Arrangements, Agenzia04, Bologna; Waldenaffairs, Den Haag.

Recent group showsinclude: 2012 Play Dice Would Be Nice, Gaudel de Stampa, Paris; Informal, Or-bits,; Il lato oscuro della luna, Jarach Gallery, Venice; 2011 Needed by Things, Furnished Space, London;2010 Evading Customs, Le Dictateur, Milan; 2009 Lobby, Cell project space, London; The Object of the Attack,
The David Roberts Art Foundation, London; And the Wood Said Burn Me, A locatie, Rotterdam.