Issue #46, 2014

The Recipe Notebook

Ana Botezatu and Corina Bucea started collaborating as Mixer around one specific idea – to work on the topic of the recipe notebook, an object found almost in any kitchen in Romania. Under this pretext, their activity expanded around other works connecting food and art, taking the shape of installation, drawing, text, or performance. The initial idea, however – to infiltrate into the network of recipe notebooks – stayed with them constantly, currently breaking the ambitious project of creating an anthology of recipe notebooks into small pieces that will be published as individual small-scale publications, planned to eventually form a collection of the zine-like printed material. The current insert for IDEA magazine is the pilot version of the series, acting both as a continuation of the open source recipe notebooks that reproduce and circulate versions of recipes, and as a log that accompanies and reflects the research process. (Mixer)


Mixeris a group initiated by Ana Botezatu and Corina Bucea. What brings together the members of the Mixer group is the interest for the narrative and visual background of practices and rituals related to the archiving of anonymous values, in relation with contemporary daily practice and interpretation. Mixer has exhibited works at Salonul de Proiecte (Bucharest), has organized food-related events in Fabrica de Pensule/Paintbrush Factory (Cluj) and Colours of Cluj Festival, and has performed in the Temps d’Images Festival (Cluj).