IDEA #32
Football As Nucleus of The Public Sphere
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

New Leading Edge of Culture
Marius Babias

The Football-World – Common Object
Bogdan Ghiu

IDEA #30-31
(presences of art)

Re-Reading Benjamin’s “Author As Producer” In The Post-Communist East
Boris Buden

Relinked Excerpts From The Essay (My) Artist Self
Bogdan Ghiu

The End Of The Avant-Gardes And The Triumph Of The Market: Aesthetic Values And Social Values In Late Modern Times1
Claude Karnoouh

For An Alienating Art
Vlad Morariu

On Contemporary Art: An Updated Discussion
Remo Guidieri

IDEA #29
Marx And I After The Bourgeois Revolution

Culture, Left Wing Subculture, And Universal Counter-Cultural Criticism In The Arena Of Legitimacy (Or Something About The Concrete Conditions Of A Critical Practice)
Adrian T. Sirbu

IDEA #28
Law, Justice, Human Rights – Without Fanaticism
Ciprian Mihali

The Amphibology Of Human Rights
Emilian Cioc

Majoritary, Minoritary – Determined, Undetermined
Alex. Cistelecan

To Institute Justice
Andrei State

IDEA #27
The Spectacle as Illusion and Reality
Gérard Briche

Debord and the Authentic
Anselm Jappe

Theory, Autobiography, Strategy
Vincent Kaufmann

Jacob Rogozinski

The Post-Communist Society: Triumph or Failure of The Integrated Spectacular?
Ciprian Mihali

IDEA #26
The Image as a Proof of the Real. Traces of Art and Memory
Eveline Pinto

Branly: A New Luna Park Was It Necessary?
Françoise Choay

The Joyous display of Natural Order
Alexandru Balasescu

IDEA #25
On the Avertissement: Interview with Daniel Buren
Maria Eichhorn

IDEA #24
Banks, Margins, limits (On Singularity)
Jean-Luc Nancy

Margins, concepts, bodies, places
Ciprian Mihali

The Appology of the stille
Vintila Mihailescu

The Outcasts? triumph within the postmodern precarious sexual identity
Aurel Codoban

In case of precarious identity...
Izabella Badiu

The Witness, the Muslim
Giorgio Agamben

The fiction of the political [excerpts]
Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe

IDEA #23

When Abandonment Becomes Society. A Debate's Lines of Flight
Adrian T. Sîrbu

There's No Mom
Zsuzsa Selyem

Children Bestiary. The Postcommunist Social Imaginary and the Infant Condition
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Soft Abandon: The Exile Among Things and the Poverty of Experience
Ciprian Mihali

Parent-child, child-parent – The Sketch of a Common Face
Matei Georgescu

Abandon the Pre-Exterminator: Aborted Society
Bogdan Ghiu

IDEA #22
The Political Untranslatable
Ciprian Mihali

Europe, maybe
Marc Crepon

Decision and Sovereignty
Alexander Garc?a D?ttmann

Right-beside: politics and sacrifice
Bogdan Ghiu

Ipso facto cogitans ac demens
Jean-Luc Nancy

IDEA #21
Skin, Body, and Presence in Contemporary European Choreography*
André Lepecki

Politics of Affection and Uneasiness*
Bojana Kunst

The Crisis after the Crisis
Mihai Mihalcea

Contemporary Dance in Romania. Discussion with Ion Dumitrescu, Mihai Mihalcea, Manuel Pelmuș
Cosmin Costinaș

?The Post-communist Condition?
Adrian T. Sirbu

“Utopia is investment in the artificial”
A Conversation with Boris Groys about the Post-communist Condition*

The Cold War and The Art
Peter Weibel

An Obscure, Unknown Disaster. The End of State as Truth
Alain Badiou

The End of Bipolar World. What Next?
Chantal Mouffe

The Present As The Bygone
Mihail Iampolski

The Post-Communist Situation
Boris Groys

IDEA #20
Exchanging Complicities
Bogdan Ghiu

Holy Trinity Toothpick. Collective memory made, un-made and re-made
Augustin Ioan

Separation between Church and State or the Aporia of Complicity
Gabriel Chindea

Educational Policy Between Nationalist .and Euro-Integrationist Politics: a Case Study of Serbian Educational Reform
Jana Bacevic

Topology of the Empty Place. Secularism as Resistance
Emilian Cioc

The new "science"
Mikhail Ryklin