IDEA #33-34
Transition, Decolonial Thoguth and the Critical Theory of Postcommunism
Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu

Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America
Aníbal Quijano

Coloniality: the darker side of modernity
Walter D. Mignolo

IDEA #32
Break Their Haughty Power: Prefatory Note to Four Essays by Loren Goldner on the World Capitalist Crisis
Alexandru Polgár

Conjuncture: World Capitalism Since the Collapse of the Bretton Woods System [1976]
Loren Goldner

International Liquidity Crisis and Class Struggle – First Approximation [1998]
Loren Goldner

Fictitious Capital, Real Retrogression [2002]
Loren Goldner

The Biggest ’October Surprise’ of All: A World Capitalist Crash [2008]
Loren Goldner

IDEA #30-31
Political Panic
Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jean-Luc Nancy

Who Comes After The Subject?
Gérard Granel

Telling The Truth About Class
G. M. Tamás

IDEA #29
The Crisis Of Future
Robert Castel

Among Neighbours
Siegfried Kracauer

Life In The Factory (Marseille, 1941–1942)
Simone Weil

What Will We Do? The Destruction Of Occupational Identities In The “Knowledge-Based Economy”
Ursula Huws

Wage Labour And Capital
Karl Marx

IDEA #28
Against The Populist Temptation
Slavoj Zizek

Why Constructing A People Is The Main Task Of Radical Politics
Ernesto Laclau

Schlagend, Aber Nicht Treffend!
Slavoj Zizek

IDEA #27
Mirroring Revolutions

Solidarity After 25 Years
János Kis

A Lingering Reply to János Kis
G. M. Tamás

Socialism, Capitalism, Politics. A Reply to G. M. Tamás
János Kis

Diverging Paths: Another Reply to János Kis
G. M. Tamás

IDEA #26

One-Two, Transition
Oliver Ressler, Dario Azzellini – Ovidiu Tichindeleanu

You don’t have to go to college
Mousa Marouf – Adrian T. Sirbu

IDEA #25

Vivre dangereusement. Violence and Victims in Security Regimes
Ciprian Mihali

Ontology at Present Tense. Community and Immunity in the Global Times
Roberto Esposito

An Insecure City
Jérome Lèbre

Politics and Police of globalization (A Few Remarks on the Notions of Fear, Insecurity and Risk in Our Times)
Michel Gaillot

Zones of Indiference. The World in a “State of Exception”: On the Relations of “Populism”, “Public Sphere” and “Terrorism”
Marius Babias

To Be or Not to Be: Is this the Question?
Alex. Cistelecan

Human Security and State Security, an Ambivalent Relationship
Marc Crépon

Existence Inside a Tank
Alexandru Polgár

IDEA #24

Outline of a genealogy of the postcommunist mass culture in Romania
Adrian T. Sîrbu

Postsocialism And Postmodernity. An Impossible Equivalence
Gabriel Chindea

Towards The Globalization Of The Third World Or The Late March Of Modernity In Eastern Europe
Claude Karnoouh

The Modernity Of Postcommunism
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Revolution On Our Skin, On The Lapel (Modernity Kit)
Bogdan Ghiu

How To Discard Modernity. Western Odysseys And Eastern Shortcuts
Lore Ridha

S1 = a. Overlapping Modernities
Alex. Cistelecan

The euro-self and the europeanism*. How the Communist National Discourse Acquires a New Face, that of the Postcommunist Anti-modernism – The Romanian Case
Marius Babias

Freak Modernities
Ioan Cosma

IDEA #23
Jean-François Lyotard

The City in the Age of Touristic Reproduction
Boris Groys

Will Great Cities survive?
Joel Kotkin

Panic City
Paul Virilio

IDEA #22
The Romanian Revolution as Media Phenomenon
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu and Konrad Petrovszky

Appendix to the Televised History
Peter M. Spangenberg

The Media as Mask: Videocracy. The sublime object of the revolutionary gaze
Peter Weibel

?The Turning?
Margaret Morse

Time and Screens
Hubertus von Amelunxen, Charles Grivel, Georg Maag, Peter M. Spangenberg, Andrei Ujica

Dracula?s new legacy. A Eurovision
Friedrich Kittler

The Judgment in Off. The Trial against the Ceausescus
Manfred Schneider

The Power of Image
Vil?m Flusser

The Unconsumed Revolution: A Consumer?s Dream
Bogdan Ghiu

IDEA #21
A Consumers' Society
Hannah Arendt