Alexandru Polgár (b. 1976, Satu Mare) has studied philosophy and political science. A founding member and an editor of Philosophy & Stuff (1997-2000), he worked as an editor of the Balkon contemporary art magazine in Cluj (1999-2003) and of IDEA arts + society (2003-2018). He is also a translator of theoretical texts from Hungarian, English and French into Romanian. As an author of contemporary philosophy, he wrote essays such as „Liberal-social-fascism (?)”, „Existence inside a Tank” and „The Communist Remainder”. In 2009, he co-edited with Adrian T. Sîrbu the collective volume Genealogies of Post-Communism. In 2013 he published a first book titled The Difference between Heidegger’s Concept of Market and that of Granel (IDEA publishing) and dedicated to the globalizing essence of capitalism. His second book, about the onto-poliitical constitution of modernity and the destiny of the Left, has been published in 2015 under the title Politics at the same publishing house.