IDEA #49
The Dark Knight Returns
Ciprian Mureșan

Ilona Németh (coord.)

A Personal Collection Of Performative Political Gestures
Manuel Pelmuș

M (A Discussion)
Diana Marincu, Alexandru Polgár

Within The Body Of A Bodyguard (You Are Safe With Me)
Ion Dumitrescu

In The Shadow Of The Great Father. Remembrance and Reflexive Nostalgia in Tatiana Fiodorova’s Artist Books
Cristian Nae

Brief Digression On Subcultures
Cristian Rusu

IDEA #48
The Rap And The Manea: The History Of A Collision
Adrian Schiop

The House Of The People From Prisons
Iulia Popovici

The Possibility Of An Island: Notes On Armenia From The Venice And Istanbul Biennials
Anna Smolak

Estonia Has (Already) Been Unified Through A National Performance
Cristian Rusu

History, In Fact, Never Repeats Itself
Diana Marincu

Passing Through Sensations
Vlad Basalici

The Efficient Cause Is The Archive
Péter Molnár

Creativity Exercises – Spaces Of Emancipatory Pedagogies

IDEA #47
A Survey after the First OFF-Biennale from Budapest: Alternative, Hope and Chances for Survival
Gábor Andrási, coordonator

Politics, Entertainment And Ways Of Dissent (Or How Contemporary Art Is A Better Investment)
Raluca Voinea

Alexandru Polgár

Your Survival Is Guaranteed by Treaty: Ciprian Mureșan’s Exhibition at The Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Miklós Erhardt

Installation: In Search Of The Materiality Of The City
Daria Ghiu

Alzheimer Café
Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with Valentina Vetturi

Who Draws The Short Straw? On The Social-Political Context Of An Artistic Project On The Topic Of Wood Industry
Tímea Bakk-Dávid

IDEA #46
Saving The World... From A Gesamtkunstwerk: The Art Of Staging Situations Of Real Transformations
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu in Conversation with Klaus Schafler

Social Hate, Anger, And The Gratifying Theatre
Iulia Popovici

Global South, Colonial Wounds And Decolonial Healings
Walter D. Mignolo in Conversation with Jeannette Ehlers

Towards The Future, From The Past
Vlad Basalici

25 Years ×25 Minutes ×25 Contributions: On The Future Past
Daria Ghiu

Visible Walls And Invisible Walls: On Art, Education And Potentiality
Diana Marincu

IDEA #45
“Always a Step Away from Art“
Diana Marincu

How To Fight For Things That Don’t Exist
Tobi Maier

Art In The Age Of Informational Redundancy
Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with George Crîngașu

Dissent And Certainty
Gerardo Montes de Oca Valadez

Counter-Monuments, Precarious Sculptures And Ephemeral Choreographies, Or What Is To Be Done Against The Resurrection Of Fascism?
Cristian Nae

Performance As An Object Of Artistic Research
Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with Szilárd Miklós

The Moldavian Dream: Nicoleta Esinencu’s Engaged Theater
Iulia Popovici

Reflections On Artistic Practice In Romania, Then And Now
Amy Bryzgel and Corina L. Apostol

IDEA #44
Fictions, Horizons, And Free Falls: Some Meeting Points In Contemporary Art And Thought
Mihaela Brebenel

Tranzit.Ro/Cluj – Prehistory Of A Curatorial Project.
Alexandru Polgár in a Dialogue with Attila Tordai-S.

The Right To Opacity
Diana Marincu

Alina Popa and Florin Flueraș in a Dialogue with Corina L. Apostol

Beudean’s Log
Ciprian Mureșan

Exemplary Stories
Xandra Popescu & Larisa Crunțeanu

“I Think We Need To Rehabilitate Our Definition Of Art.”
An Interview with Mary Jane Jacob by Andrey Shental

IDEA #43
An Interview with Daria Dumitrescu by Edith Lázár

Didem Yazıcı

Andrey Shental

WHERE’S THE ATTITUDE? Notes from the 55th Venice Biennale
Corina Oprea

A Discussion between Johannes Grenzfurthner and Vlad Morariu

Looking In From The Outside
Julia Schulze

Lesson About Blindness (A Reply to Alfredo Jaar, the Indignant Artist)
Bogdan Ghiu

IDEA #42
The University Square
Bogdan Ghiu & Raluca Voinea

Hungarian Art In The Eye Of The Storm
Maja & Reuben Fowkes

Jones’ Own Words
An Interview with Lee H. Jones by Marcel Janco

How To Practice The Envisioning Of Real Utopias?
Nataša Antulov

Inventing The World: The Artist As Citizen
Dóra Hegyi

“The Opposition Is To Our Indifference.“ Arches In Trade, Art And Socialism Between India And Eastern Europe.
An Interview with Sumesh Sharma by Mihaela Brebenel

Law Enforcement And Spiritual Forces
Igor Mocanu

History, Art And Money: On Constructing A Corporate Art Collection In Central And Eastern Europe.
A Discussion between Walter Seidl & Vlad Morariu

IDEA #41
Alternative Time Travelers – Post-Communism, Figurativeness and Decolonization
Sándor Hornyik

Who is Behind the Scene
Daria Ghiu